Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to block your service provider from disturbing you with unwanted calls

unwanted calls and unsolicited SMS are some of the most talked about problems in the Telecom sector.

Telecom companies like airtel and GLO can call you like 10 times per day (although not everyday) just to advertise their products, most of these products are ones you aren't interested in or might have already known about. So you see how frustrating it is to receive up to 10 unwanted calls daily.

Anyway,with this tutorial am about to show you, this problem unwanted calls problem will be thing of the past.

Please note that This tutorial is only for people using Android device.

Here we go!

• download call blocker app from Google playstore here

• launch the application and click on black list on the top.
Add the number your network carrier used to call you, e.g airtel calls me now and I write down their number, copy it and add to the call blocker blacklist.
Am now free from their bondage as I've blacklisted more than 8 airtel and MTN service numbers.

• go to settings and enable notification so you can know when a call is blocked from getting to you.

Just blacklist as much as you can and you won't be disturbed anymore, it's good to know that these service providers use less than 8 different numbers to call us, so if you can blacklist all of them, then you are free. Just check your call history, find the number they used to call you and blacklist it.
They will surely use that number to call you again.
And that's all, you see how easy it was.
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