Etisalat Nigeria rebranded, now known as 9mobile

Like play Like play our beloved telecom network provider etisalat is now known as 9mobile.

After being unable to pay their huge debt, they have now terminated their service in Nigeria for a new group to take over.

Although not so much will change from the Etisalat we used to know the name has surely changed.

According to the new group official website , they claim that
“9 is significant with nature, the start of life, time of birth. from our entry into the market 9 years ago to our evolution 9 years after, we are still 0809ja.”
we are here for you, rebranded for you because it is all about you.

They further explained that

“9 stands for speed, quality, excellence. if you're looking to the future, you find it with 9.
9 gets you talking more, doing more, achieving more & living”

Let's just hope this new group works out in time to save our dear Etisalat network.

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Etisalat Nigeria rebranded, now known as 9mobile Etisalat Nigeria rebranded, now known as 9mobile Reviewed by LilKelzi james on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. The name dosn't change andything..... Ask NEPA


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