Sunday, 6 August 2017

Hot! How to activate mtn 100% data bonus without changing IMEI

MTN 100% data bonus is back and this time it's easier to activate.
This method dosent require changing of IMEI or doing any technical task.

This 100% data is normally for people that buy New phones, that's Why we have been tweaking our IMEI all those while, Just to make MTN think we are using New phone.

And apart from that, few month's ago MTN reduced the bonus from 100% to 20%, so while others got 100% others got just 20%, and there are some people that still haven't enjoyed this tweak since it came out.
Maybe it's because of their inability to change their IMEI or for some other unknown reasons.

If you're an MTN customer, I think you should try this while it lasts, because MTN can block it anytime they like.

how to activate MTN 100% data bonus

Open your SMS app and send:

DOUBLE to 131
PROMO to 131
FREE to 131

You will get reply similar to below screenshots.

I even tested it with the daily data plan of 50MB for 100 naira and it worked. (screenshot below)
So I don't see any reason Why it's shouldn't work for you.

If you face any problem, drop a comment below. Am ready to help.
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  1. Hello, thank you, it worked for me!
    Pls do I need to follow this same step again Send, DOUBLE, PROMO and FREE To 131) if I want to subscribe to another monthly plan before I can get thr 100% bonus? Or it is already done?


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