Download viper4android apk, No. 1 sound enhancer and equalizer for Android

This post will show you how to download, install and use viper4android apk.

If you're currently reading this then you should consider yourself lucky as this app will totally transform the way audio(music) are being produced by your phone.

It's a very powerful app for people seeking to take full advantage of their android phone music/audio ability.

This is not just a mere ordinary equalizer, it works in a way that it will affect every single sound that comes out of your smartphone.

Note!: this app requires root access before you can use it, so if you're not rooted I think there's very little need to read further.

Now let's move to the main point.
This equalizer works on almost all sound output devices connected to your phone
Which includes
- phone speaker
- earphones
- headphones
- Bluetooth device (eg, speaker, headphones)
- USB device

How to install and use viper4android APK app on your rooted Android smartphone

1) download and install viper4android here

2) after installation, launch the app at launch it will ask for root permission to install drivers to your Android phone, make sure you Grant the permission

3) when installing the drivers select any one of your Choice, am currently using the high quality mode it delivers unmatched sounds.

4) start your customisation, the user interface will look very simple and e
Appears as if it lacks customizations, well this can be changed in the options menu bar.
• How to do this:
Click on the menu bar, find UI settings and click on it, finally click on expert
That's it.

How to setup viper4android for different output types?
It's easy, just swipe left or right to select different output settings interface.

how to install another viper4android driver
Go to menu, find uninstall, uninstall current driver, reboot and install another driver.

No viper4android effects in media players??
Go to menu and change the FX compatible mode to compatible, then restart your device.

That's all about viper4android APK software, I highly recommend this app if you're a rooted Android user and really want to tweak your smartphone sound a little bit.

Fell free to leave your comments below, I'm ready to answer questions incase things goes wrong while trying to setup the app.

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Download viper4android apk, No. 1 sound enhancer and equalizer for Android Download viper4android apk, No. 1 sound enhancer and equalizer for Android Reviewed by LilKelzi james on Friday, October 06, 2017 Rating: 5

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